Street View and Cardboard seem like an obvious match, and now Google is finally bringing them together. The company is pushing out an update for its new stand-alone Street View app to add support for virtual reality viewing.

Once you get the upgrade, you’ll see a new Cardboard icon pop up in the top right corner of the app when you’re looking at 360-degree photos. Tap it and the view will automatically switch to fit your VR headset.

If you haven’t already downloaded the new Street View app, you can grab it now for Android or iOS. The stand-alone service is organized into collections of places around the world, along with a map view if you just want to explore. You can also upload your own photo spheres straight through the app.

The latest update is already available for iOS, and also includes tips for first time users and some “general stability improvements.” We’re still not seeing it in the Google Play Store, though if you’re impatient you can grab the official APK courtesy of Android Police.