Google on Wednesday said it’s partnering with HTC and Lenovo to introduce new VR headsets that don’t need a smartphone or computer to function. The search giant currently offers Daydream VR headsets that work with a handful of compatible phones.

The idea is that everything you need for VR will be built right into the new headsets—no wires, PC, or phone is required. Not only will these headsets be much easier and more accessible to use, but Google claims these headsets are more immersive.

Google said the new headsets will feature “WorldSense” technology, which enables positional tracking to track precise movements. “And it does this all without any external sensors to install,” which means you don’t have to have a “VR room” in your home.

Google didn’t reveal what these headsets will look like or how much they’ll cost, but we do know they’re coming later this year. We should learn more details about these headsets—such as battery life—in the coming months.