google sign

Google already sells its own mobile phones and has its own mobile operating system, so why doesn't it take the business a step further? Well, that's exactly what it might be trying to do. The Wall Street Journal said on Thursday evening that Google was recently in talks with Dish to launch a wireless network that could compete with those offered by Verizon Wireless and AT&T in the United States. For now, however, it sounds like it was just a preliminary discussion.

Dish has been in several business discussions this year, including one that suggested AT&T might be interested in purchasing its assets. Oddly, Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen said that his firm is talking with other companies that "would like to be in the [wireless] industry" but who do not currently own the towers or infrastructure required to enter. As The Wall Street Journal notes, it might make a lot more sense for Dish to partner with a firm that is already established in the industry. Google might not have the tech, but it has $45 billion on hand to get started on a network.

[via The Wall Street Journal]