There’s something nice about being a part of a clean, silent social network. As one of the folks that managed to get into the Google+ beta, I can safely say that I love the fact that I haven’t been chided to help in a barn raising, crop dusting or field plowing just ye. And, frankly, I’d love for it to stay this way. Google+ is simply social as of right now, and it’s a breath of fresh air when compared to Facebook‘s constant bombardment of App requests, ads and Likes.

But it seems like this level of serene comfort may not last for too long. Google posted a job ad that indicated the need for talent in the Google Gaming arena. It seems that the position described in that ad may be linked closely with the new Google+ platform.

Engadget was tipped off about a few lines of text buried within the source for Google+. The lines indicate that games and game invites are on the way. The bits of code include notification announcements that read “… and 1 other have sent you Game invites and more from Google+ Games.”

That all but guarantees the fact that Zynga, and every other major social game developer out there, will be making their splash on the Google+ platform very soon.

What is nice about Google+, and what may save it from becoming yet another obnoxiously noisy social network, is the way that Circles and the status Streams work. There’s no major friends list with Google+. Everything is done in customizable circles. So, you might have a circle for friends and a circle for family. When you share something on your Stream, you indicate which circles should see it and which should not. If you got completely blasted last night and want to post shots of you throwing up on a complete stranger on the bus, you can make it so that only your friends see your glory and not your family.

Hopefully, Farmvillers will create a circle just for other Farmvillers. That way info will be kept to that group only and the rest of us can continue enjoying social silence.

A man can dream.

[via Engadget]