A patent filed in October of 2012 already suggested that Google, somewhere down the line, may have a sparking interest in changing the way we use watches. Plenty of companies are already trying this now, including Casio, Sony and Pebble Technology, but Google has a mobile operating system to work with, plenty of engineers and plenty of cash. So will it happen?

According to Business Insider, yes. The news outlet says it recently spoke with a source who said Google is "actively exploring the idea" of developing a device that will probably do more than tell time. Will it let us surf the web? Video chat with friends? Shoot lasers across the room? That much we don't know, and "exploring the idea" could be as simple as sketching a picture of a watch on paper.

Still, Google is already actively trying to develop wearable technology through its Google Glass augmented reality project, so it's not so far fetched the firm may want to spruce up our wrists as well.