Yesterday, The Information reported that Google was developing its own Nest-style smart thermostat called EnergySense in an effort help users save energy and money. Today we got a first look at the rumored product in the form of a series of Android screenshots sent to Android Police by a trusted tipster; @evleaks also chimed in, sharing a photo of the EnergySense app on display in the Google Play Store.

The EnergySense app appears to offer some pretty straightforward options, including the ability to manually regulate the temperature in your home remotely; sign in when you’re at home or out; and also offers a self-regulating Auto mode. According to The Information, the primary focus of Google’s new service would be to help its users save money, which may come from predictive capabilities the company is still developing. Android Police’s source claims the app may offer Google Now integration.

It’s still unclear if Google will take EnergySense public, the company tried the same thing before with a project called PowerMeter, but reportedly killed it off during the development stage. There’s also the question of whether the search giant can succeed with its new service, though perhaps Google Now integration could be enough to give EnergySense an edge of Nest and any other competition.