While there are countless smart speakers to choose from, the selection of smart displays isn’t too impressive. But it should get better as we head into 2019. Amazon’s Echo Show is the most popular choice, and Google Assistant-powered alternatives from a few brands have been announced. Soon, though, we might even see a first-party smart display from the digital assistant’s maker.

Google will introduce its own smart display later this year, according to Nikkei. Expect to see the product get a major push during the holidays. As for specific timing, the flagship smart display should launch with the Pixel 3 this fall.

Industry sources claim that 3 million units shipped is the target. Since those familiar with the matter aren’t from Mountain View, it’s unclear how realistic that figure can be. Google, though, has expressed interest in creating an in-house product after partners finish their roll-outs.

The smart display should be a lot like what we’ve seen on third-party models in recent months. Lenovo, JBL, LG, and Sony have paired a screen with premium speakers. If anything, Google will stand out with a unique design. Like it does with the Home family, Google could use light colors and clean materials to look modern.

Releasing a smart display seemed inevitable, and now we’re only two months or so from Google making it a reality according to sources.