Pushing Web content to your phone isn’t hard, but mobile users will have one less option to utilize going forward. With tab sync being a more seamless and obvious solution on mobile, Google is ditching the Chrome to Mobile browser extension.

Chrome to Mobile users are being asked to start using tab sync as their go-to solution. If that doesn’t do it for you, there’s always the third-party Pushbullet option, which has become an increasingly popular service over the past several months (something I wouldn’t be surprised to see Google take intense interest in down the road).

In addition to Chrome to Mobile going bye-bye, Google will also say, See ya later, to “Print to my Phone” in early February, which is a feature within Google Cloud Print. These features are seemingly no longer needed, as there are plenty of other alternatives out there for sending content to your mobile device. Google has set up a page dedicated to the demise of Chrome to Mobile, which you can brush up on at the source link below.