Google Shopping Express

Google's rumored Shopping Express service is now live in the San Francisco Bay Area, giving customers free same-day shipping in partnership with retailers such as Target, Walgreens, Staples, American Eagle and Toys "R" Us. The service also extends to local coffee shops—people need coffee delivered to them?—and some independent shops as well. Early testers get six-months of complimentary unlimited service.

Products available for same-day delivery are indexed on Google's site, where customers can select certain specifications, such as time of day, any special instructions and more. Google's partners will then ship your order that day around your schedule. The search giant currently has a retailer sign-up page where more partners can join in the Bay Area.

As of now, Google hasn't worked out a pricing plan, but early rumblings suggest it'll be cheaper than Amazon Prime by as much as $10. While the service could take the hassle out of going to a spot like Target and Staples, the overall goal is to eliminate trips for simple errands, Google's Product Management Director, Tom Fallows, said.

Because the service is in its infancy, kinks are bound to appear, so Google is keeping everything confined to the Bay Area for now. But as more people sign up, and as more retailers hop on board, Fallows hopes the service will expand to other cities across the U.S. Shopping at multiple retailers simultaneously and having those items delivered the same-day certainly sounds like a wonderful service. If all goes according to plan, the world might have a little more Google through its streets and neighborhoods.