Google very clearly wants a slice of the pie owned by Amazon. The company's "Google Express" service already promises same-day delivery in select markets, a feature also offered by Amazon, and now the tech firm is reportedly testing a "buy now" button for Google Shopping.

The Wall Street Journal said the plan is to allow customers to buy goods immediately from the Google Shopping website. Right now, however, a customer who is interested in a product may find it on Google Shopping, but ultimately buys the device through one of Google's partner's websites.

The "buy" button — it's not clear if it will be called "buy now" or "buy" — wouldn't send customers off of the Google Shopping page, which would make the portal look and feel more like Partners would also have the option to advertise two-day shipping, a feature that's free through Amazon Prime, The Wall Street Journal explained.

Google declined to confirm or deny the report to The Wall Street Journal, and the news outlet said that the plans are currently in very early stages and may never come to fruition.