Google opened a new gadget store on Wednesday, though the company isn’t jumping head first into physical retail just yet. The new Google Shop is located within a Currys PC World retailer in London, and offers a full range of Google-powered devices.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch this space —the first of its kind anywhere in the world,” Google’s UK marketing director James Elias told The Telegraph

Google fans visiting the shop will be able to buy a variety of Android devices, Chromebook laptops and the Chromecast, or check out regular demonstrations, tutorials, classes and events. The new shop also features a “Google Earth Wall,” essentially a tower of screens that lets you explore the world using Google’s satellite image map. Finally, there’s a digital wall where you can create your own version of the company’s logo with a virtual can of spray paint.

Google has tried its hand at physical retail before, and still features some Android and Chrome products at Best Buy using dedicated pop-up shops within the larger electronics store. It’s unclear if the company plans to open a Google Shop in the U.S. anytime soon, though two more stores are already planned for other Currys PC World locations in England. Earlier reports also suggested Google could open its own shop in downtown New York, though it looks like that may no longer be in the works.