What you need to know

  • Google shared a render of the Pixel 4 on its Twitter.
  • The device will feature a dual-camera setup.
  • There's no rear-facing fingerprint sensor.

Following a series of leaks, Google on Wednesday released an official render of the Pixel 4. Turns out those leaks were accurate, because the upcoming device does indeed feature a square camera hump.

The Pixel 4 isn't expected to be available until October, making Google's admission particularly puzzling. But it seems the search giant wants to get ahead of the leaks before they really get out of hand.

"Wait 'til you see what it can do," Google says in the Tweet.

The square camera hump clearly shows a dual-camera setup, a flash, and an additional sensor, which is rumored to be a radar chip for gesture-based control.

It's a stark difference from Google's previous designs, which have stuck with a single camera setup. Notably, the Pixel 4 looks a lot like what we're expecting the next iPhone to look like right down to its square camera hump.

Google doesn't reveal any other details about the Pixel 4, but there have been plenty of rumors about what to expect from the upcoming device, including an improved camera, high-end specs, and the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint sensor. Based on the render shared by Google, there is no rear-facing fingerprint sensor to be seen.

Google is rarely able to keep device announcement underwraps, and it looks like the Pixel 4 is no different. But instead of pretending like the leaks aren't happening, Google has joined the party.

How much Google unveils ahead of a full reveal remains to be seen, but its clear the Pixel 4 is going to be a very different device.