Google took the stage at Google I/O to discuss the progress of Knowledge Graph and Google Search. Search is now smarter than ever and can compare answers to your questions with other answers it think you might ask. If you’re wondering the population of India, it will also show you the population of China and America, since most people often ask that next, according to Google’s data.

It’s even including new features that are very similar to Google Now into search. You can search for “photos of my vacation” and they’ll pop up. Ask about your flight to Orlando, or even ask where your package is, and if it knows the data it will provide it. You can also receive a spoken response and speak your questions using a microphone. Conversational search and hot-wording—you don’t have to click the mic to search just start by saying “Ok Google” and it will know that you’re about to ask a question.

All of this is coming to desktops and laptops through the Chrome web browser today.

FInally, Google said it will soon allow you to set reminders in Google Now and it will provide them when you’re available. TV shows, music, video game and public transit cards are also now supported by the software.