The holiday shopping season is upon us, and Google is getting things started with an update to mobile search that makes it even easier to shop from your smartphone. The company announced the news over the weekend, adding more information on specific products and 360 degree views for select items.

Just take out your smartphone and search for a new gadget to get a full rundown of details including where to buy one along with customer reviews. Jump into Google’s Shopping tab and you’ll be able to spin the product around with a few quick swipes to see it from all angles. VentureBeat also notes that Google can now bring up local ads when you search on a tablet, giving nearby retailers another way to grab your attention.

In a blog post announcing the news, Google notes that people already use mobile search to check prices while they’re out shopping in physical stores, so today’s update should help improve that experience. It may also be a clever snipe at Amazon, potentially cutting off shoppers before they ever reach the e-commerce giant’s website. Either way, the new update should help make the always-hectic holiday shopping a bit easier for everyone.