google-search update

Google's big Android L upgrade won't arrive until later this year, but today the company is rolling out a smaller update that should still make a big difference for your current device. A new Google Search update (version 3.5.14) adds the ability to launch search by saying "Ok, Google" from anywhere on your phone along with a new Audio History feature.

The big news is the ability to launch search from anywhere on your phone, a feature that's already available on a few select devices but still isn't a standard Android function; it was one of our favorite features on the Moto X, though the command was slightly different. Once you get the update head into Google Now, then hit Menu>Settings>Voice>"Ok Google" Detection. You'll see a list of options you can toggle on to make the hotwords available across your phone.

Audio History is also an interesting addition which catalogues all your voice searches in an effort to improve accuracy. Google will actually learn the unique sound of your own voice over time, and even remember how you pronounce certain words. If you're uncomfortable with Google getting all that personal information you can always opt out, but for anyone who uses voice search on a regular basis this should be a big improvement.