Google Search for Windows Phone finally received a feature that has long been available for iOS and Android users: voice search. The option was added in a recent update, which suddenly makes Windows Phone a bit more powerful. No, unlike on Android, you can't activate search with your voice, but it's still a welcome change.

We just installed the app on our Lumia 1520 to quickly give it a whirl. It immediately recognized our search for the weather in New York City, right on the first try, and quickly pulled up the results. Unfortunately, it doesn't speak out the results as it does on Android, and the user interface for the weather results doesn't look as good as it does on iOS and Android. Also, we've always been able to search by voice using Bing, but it just provides search results instead of the actual information you're looking for (like the weather, for example).

Other features in the update include the option to sign in to your Google account to see your search history, improved image viewing, bug fixes, options to search nearby based on your location and search autocomplete. The update is free and is available from the Windows Phone Store, which we've provided a link to in the source below.