Google on Wednesday introduced a slick new update to its Search app, giving it even more voice superpowers and some Material Design inspiration. Android Lollipop is currently rolling out to a lot of Nexus phones, so today’s update is definitely timely.

In addition to some visual updates, the app will also do a better job of reminding you to hang out with friends by scrubbing your email. Google says a new card will show up that will remind users to do something like get “dinner with Chris” or enjoy “drinks with Susan.” The update will also remind you to follow up on an email by setting a reminder in your calendar, giving you no real excuse to be a flake. And if you’re especially forgetful, Search will also help you better stay on top of your trip itinerary, to-do lists, sports scores and more.

Perhaps the coolest new part of the Google app is the ability to search through third-party apps. For example, you can say, “OK Google, search Tumblr for ‘Things Organized Neatly,’” and you’ll be taken right to the app with that search pulled up. This works for a number of apps, Google said, including Trulia, YouTube and TripAdvisor, giving users an ever more powerful hands-free experience.

To top it off, the update is also now designed to make decisions for you. Don’t know whether to see Interstellar or Nightcrawler? There’s a new coin flip feature that’s activated by saying, “OK Google, flip a coin.” We’re so indecisive that we need Google to tell us what to do.

If you own a Nexus 6, Nexus 9 or Note 4, all of this can be done even when your screen is off, making the feature extra convenient when your hands are tied up.