Google announced on Monday that its same-day delivery service, Google Shopping Express, is now available in Manhattan and West Los Angeles. Google Shopping Express is like Amazon Prime, but can often be even faster.

Simply head to and start shopping for goods. Anything from common household items like Windex or paper towels are fair game, as are other items, like toys, clothing, electronics, almost anything provided there's a retailer in your area that partners with Google Shopping Express.

Once you're ready, all you need to do is select a time that you're around to receive your same-day delivery and you're all set. The service works from Android and iOS, too, so you don't need to be sitting at a computer.

Google's partners in Manhattan include Fairway Market, Staples, Target, Walgreens, Babies "R" Us, Costco and L'Occitane. In West LA it includes similar outlets but also Smart & Final and Guitar Center. Anyone who wants to give the service a try in the new markets will receive a free $10 credit, and Google is also offering six months of free deliveries.

Google says it will soon expand the service to other LA neighborhoods including Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista and West Hollywood. In New York City, Brooklyn and Queens will receive delivery options soon.