There’s been a lot of talk about Google’s supposed wireless service, though nothing has launched just yet. When it does, however, it is rumored to come with one really awesome perk: free international roaming.

The Telegraph reports Google is in talks with U.K.-based Three to offer free voice, text and data to folks traveling abroad. And this would all be without users needing to get a temporary SIM card and local plan. I can already smell T-Mobile circling in with an UnCarrier spin of its own.

Traveling abroad has always been especially frustrating, with a lot of people scrambling to find a cheapish solution. Some carriers have stepped in to offer stop-gap plans, but Google’s plan sounds next level. It’s unclear how advanced the talks are with Google and Three—and it’s unclear if other potential partners are involved.

Once Google’s wireless service does launch, it could potentially be very limited from the outset, available only with the Nexus 6. But if it gains traction? Who knows how far Google is willing to take it. If anything, the new service could begin trends that some of the big boys will be forced to follow.