Google is said to be working on a new version of its Chrome browser for Android that will allow users to browse the web in virtual reality. Signs of its move have been spotted in the latest builds of Chrome Beta.

Google has already been working to make the web VR-ready with WebVR, a standard that allows websites to be viewed right inside a VR headset. Now it is reportedly updating Chrome for Android to take advantage of that.

“The latest builds of Google Chrome Beta and Google Chrome Dev on Android bring two important new features for making this a reality,” reports Road to VR. 

“Chrome Beta now contains a WebVR setting which enables enhanced VR device compatibility with VR websites built against WebVR standards. Chrome Dev (one extra step back in development from Beta) now contains a ‘VR Shell’ setting.”

After using flags to enable the latter, users will be able to browse the web using Cardboard or Daydream headsets. It doesn’t look like the VR Shell is functional just yet, but it seems like it’s just a matter of time now.

Google has become increasingly focused on VR since it introduced its first Cardboard headset, and it has been keenly pushing for more VR content on Android. It has already confirmed that the Play Store will soon get a dedicated VR section.