With the number of products Google now offers it shouldn’t be all that surprising that updates are being rolled out all the time.  While most aren’t worth mentioning, three new ones have rolled out so far this week that solve some issues users have been looking for for some time now.

First up is a cross-platform Google search history that will allow you to access items you have searched for in the past no matter where you did it, be it the iPhone, an Android phone or a standard computer.

google searc historyOnce you’ve enabled search history on your account, you simply need to click on “History” on whatever device you are on, and you’ll see past searches, starred items, items searched for on your phone will be marked with a phone icon so you can tell them apart from computer searches and so on.  If you want to delete something from your history, you merely need to edit it out and you can be done with it for good.

While I think there will be some privacy concerns to come out of this, it can be a huge bonus when you’re on the go and don’t want to type something in to search again on the smaller mobile keyboard.  Of course, if you’re someone like me who conducts several searches an hour, sorting through my history will be a nightmare.  If you’re just an “average” user, you shouldn’t face any issues with this new feature being too crowded.

Secondly, at long last you can sign into multiple Google accounts with the same browser.  According to Google Operating System this new feature is rolling out slowly, but everyone should have it fairly soon.  You just need to go to your  Google accounts page and go through your personal account settings to activate it. It will currently only work with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Reader, Google Voice, App Engine and Google Code.

Some have pointed out how you are only supposed to have one Google account, but as anyone knows, most of us have ended up with multiple accounts due to work, personal e-mail and so on.  Having the ability to log into multiple accounts has been a highly desired feature for some time now.

And finally, hover over the download link in Gmail and you will now see the option to drag-and-drop the file to your dekstop.  About blasted time!

One thing you can’t say about Google is that it rests on its heels, something many other companies have done over the ears when they have been a market leader.

What say you?  Are you excited about either of these new features?