Google denied that it was redesigning its logo following reports of a new, flatter version of the branding that was discovered in a beta version of Chrome for Android. But it looks like that was a bit of a fib, since users are now starting to report that Google's homepage is getting a re-design.

The changes are minimal but noticeable. As we first saw with the Chrome for Android leak, the logo is indeed flatter and lacks the shadowing that was applied to the old logo. As Droid-Life points out, there's also a new app drawer for access to all of Google's services. The company has yet to make any official announcement about the changes, though we suspect that could come soon. In Chrome on the desktop, we're still seeing the standard Google logo.

Google isn't the only one changing up the way things look. Microsoft revealed a new logo a few months back and, more recently, Yahoo! showed us its updated branding.