Google’s Project Ara team on Tuesday provided a first look at one of the parts that will be used in the Spiral 2 prototype hardware, which will release soon with the Module Developers Kit (MDK) v0.20 software.

What you see above is one of the new Spiral 2 printed circuit boards (PCBS). It is one of the components that will be used, at least in the prototype, of one of the first smartphones that will enable end-users to swap out hardware components on their smartphones. What started out as a moonshot for Google’s Project Ara team is quickly becoming something truly tangible and, hopefully, a product that will soon end up in the hands of consumers.

In addition to revealing that part, Google said that it will livestream the Project Ara Module Developers conference on Jan. 14 live from Singapore and Mountain View, and that anyone will be able to tune in for free, provided that you sign up in advance. There’s sure to be some exciting news from the event, so be sure to register if you want to follow along.