Google on Motorola Sign

Google's acquisition of Motorola has lead to some restructuring—all of it on the Motorola end. When the search giant revealed its Q4 2012 earnings on Tuesday, Google also shared overall employee numbers. Google itself is doing well, up over 1,400 employees. Motorola, on the other hand, was downsized by more than 1,000 workers.

The most likely scenario is that some employees from Motorola were consolidated into Google's positive head count. There could also be some overlap in jobs, which is why streamlining is taking place. In all, Google has a worldwide workforce of 53,861 dedicated to the search cause—and that number seems to be increasing.

However the axe falls for current Motorola employees, cuts were always in the cards ever since Google took charge. Let's just hope the reductions don't hamper Motorola's plan to introduce the best phone we've ever seen.