Google is reportedly working on modular displays that can be snapped together like LEGO. The idea is to take a bunch of these smaller screens to build one super display, creating a beautiful, seamless image. Imagine you want a larger screen for that swanky new house you just moved into. Rather than buying an entirely new TV, just snap together a few new screens and voila, now you have a 60-inch display (that you can easily deconstruct).

Sources talking to The Wall Street Journal claim Google's crack Google X team is working on the project, lead by Mary Lou Jepsen, who formerly co-founded One Laptop Per Child; she now heads the search giant's display division at Google X. Suddenly the pieces start falling into place. If ever there was a strange project like this being worked on, it would be out of the off-the-wall Google X labs.

Of course, a project of such magnitude also posses a lot of big challenges, as The Wall Street Journal notes. Among the biggest problems right now is creating display modules that create a seamless image. If putting these screens together means you can see the borders of each display, it would certainly take away from the overall quality.

"The project remains at an early stage and has been kept secret, even within Google, partly because the technical challenges are as large as the planned screens," WSJ reports.

There are plenty of challenges to overcome, but if any crazy group of individuals can make it happen, it's probably the team at Google X. It seems that no idea among that crew seems too big (or insane), so we'll see if anything actually comes of it.