google-wallet-update-physical-cardGoogle’s ultimate vision for Wallet is one of digital domination, but that doesn’t mean the company is ditching the leather bifold forever. The search giant is reportedly set to offer an actual, tangible card — a Google Wallet credit card, if you will — aimed at acting as in all-in-one. Basically, you can charge whichever card is set to default in your Wallet app using the Google Wallet card. Want to charge the American Express? Not a problem. The Visa? Go for it.

The thinking, apparently, is for those instances when certain businesses don’t support Wallet’s tap and pay. It sounds like a pretty good way to address, perhaps, Google’s biggest problem, which is Wallet adoption. If more people can easily use one card, instead of carrying around four or five, you can imagine consumer interest will go up.

“Add your credit and debit cards to the Google Wallet app, then use any of them in stores using just the Google Wallet card,” a leaked app slide reveals. “You can leave all the cards you used to carry at home.”

Google Wallet users simply request the card straight through the app, which the search giant will then send to your house. Remember that mysterious Google Wallet update the company teased a few weeks back? This could be it. And it could come to not just Android, but iOS as well. It seems very plausible indeed.

Other supposed features to the Wallet update will include the ability to deposit and withdraw money, person-to-person money transfers and transit cards, which will definitely be welcome by city dwellers.

For the time being, this is all a rumor. A tipster testing the new Google Wallet app sent in screenshots to Android Police, along with the pertinent information, so obviously nothing is official until Google says so. The idea is interesting, and could help folks with numerous cards ween themselves to just one. That’s a lot less cards to keep track of. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any official information.

[via AndroidPolice]