google-nexus-4The Nexus 4 has become a very rare commodity since going on sale, with units selling out mere minutes after the device was first made available. That’s great for Google, and obviously shows that demand is sky-high. But demand has been so overwhelming that some users claim they’ve received emails alerting them that their shipment has been delayed, in some cases up to three weeks. That, of course, is not good news with such a crucial holiday period upon us.

To make up for the gaffe, Google is offering to waive shipping charges once it finally does go out. That might not satiate fuming customer demand, but it slightly lessens the blow. It’s unclear how long it’ll be until stock returns to the Google Play store, or even how many units were produced in the first place. Some stock has been allocated to T-Mobile, so if you’re desperate to pick up a Nexus 4, you might want to call your nearest store.

[via TheVerge]