Sounds like Google is really buckling down on streamlining Chrome for desktop. Following the announcement that Google was removing Chrome’s notification center, VentureBeat has spotted the removal of yet another feature: the OK Google hotword.

In Chrome 46, Google has removed the ability to trigger a search by saying OK Google, which is a pretty curious removal since it’s a big part of Android. You’ll still be able to activate a voice search by clicking on the microphone, you just can’t do it by uttering the magic words.

Chrome has become a bit of a bloated mess over the past few years, which might be why Google is removing some of its bigger features. Google said Chrome’s notification center is being removed because nobody uses it; that may be the case with the OK Google hotword. In theory, it sounds like a great feature to have in the browser, but chances are nobody really uses it. I sure don’t.

Chrome OS users will still be able to take advantage of the feature, but users on Windows, Mac and Linux can start saying their goodbyes now. VentureBeat notes that the feature might not be going away for good. But given Google’s acknowledgement that Chrome needs to be paired down, we wouldn’t be surprised if it never returned.