Google-Chromecast Device

More than six months after it was first introduced, Google released a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Chromecast today, opening up the media-streaming HDMI stick to third-party developers. While an SDK of sorts was already available, today marks the release of the first full software development kit available to the public.

The new SDK is available through the company’s developers blog, with three separate APIs for Android, iOS and Chrome apps. Google also notes that you’ll need to own an actual Chromecast to develop apps for the device, though at $35 that’s not much of an entry barrier.

Since its initial launch, Chromecast has slowly expanded its offerings beyond the initial ability to stream Netflix and YouTube videos from your smartphone and tablet to your TV—though users have always been able to beam their desktop Chrome browser as well. However, following today’s news we should hopefully see a quick expansion of what the Chromecast can do as developers set their creativity free with the new SDK.