google sparrow

Google has been publicly working to make email better, using Inbox as an example of what to look forward to. But, in that noble pursuit, it seems as though the search giant no longer has time for its other email initiatives. Following Google's capture of Sparrow back in 2012, the popular email client has finally been pulled from both the iOS and Mac app stores.

It was a quiet, uneventful death, but it signals the end of what used to be a great alternative to Apple's stock apps.

The apps were available just a few days ago—the iOS app was $2.99, while the Mac app was going for $9.99; nothing unusual there. But they're no longer readily available through Apple's ecosystem, which means if you really, really want to give Sparrow a shot, your best bet is to go through Sparrow's website, which currently hosts the Mac app. How long it'll be there remains to be seen; chances are it'll be pulled very soon.

Sparrow has seen sparse updates over the last few years, so the signs were there, especially with the arrival of Inbox. Following Google's acquisition of Sparrow in 2012, neither side really made clear how Sparrow's talents would be utilized in the future, but one would assume the team had a lot of influence on Inbox's Google Now/Gmail marriage.