This weekend Google quietly launched, a contest site run by Slide which Google acquired last year.

So with a name like, you’d think you’d be in for tons of contest action- that’s sort of the case. The site lets you create contests of your own as well as participate in contests that others created- all with the prospect of winning or giving away a small cash prize from $10-$50.

There’s only a handful of questions currently available on the site, most of which will require a pretty detailed answer.

Users can vote on answers they like, and at the end of the contest the submitted can select the winner. If they don’t pick a winner then the person who has received the popular vote at the tend of the contest period will win by default. All payments are made via PayPal, and you’ll need to have acumulated $50 in order to cash out your winnings.

Mahalo currently offers a similar service  where you can earn cash called Mahalo Answers.

What do you think about answer sites like this that pay for answers? Would you submit answers and try to earn cash? Would you pay people to help you solve problems?