Google on Tuesday announced a major redesign to Google+ that puts more focus on Communities and Collections, two of the social network’s most popular features.

Since launching five months ago, Google says Collections, which is in a lot of ways like Pinterest, is growing at a tremendous rate—a big reason it’s getting more love from Google. Communities, meanwhile, which lets likeminded individuals have conversations about certain topics, is averaging 1.2 million new joins per day. Google singles out Nonfiction Addiction as a particularly active community, but there are many, many more worth checking out, such as Apple, Auto Enthusiasts, and Photography.

In addition to a simpler layout focused around these features, Google said Google+ is now much more mobile-friendly on Android and iOS (both apps will get an update later this week). On the Web, Google said that you’ll need to opt-in to the new version, which you can do by following this link.

The focus of Google+ hasn’t exactly been clear since the social network’s inception, but it’s quickly becoming a great place for people to communicate and find cool stuff. Oh, and what you look at that, a TechnoBuffalo page which I very much urge you to follow.