google glass v2 with earpiece 1

Google Glass may still be in beta, but with hundreds of test copies out in the wild, the debate over when it's safe or appropriate to use the wearable device is already in progress. With several states moving to ban drivers from wearing Google Glass the search giant is reportedly lobbying to block any restrictions on its device.

Reuters reports that Google is already lobbying officials in Illinois, Delaware and Missouri. Eight U.S. states in total are currently considering some sort of legislation for Google Glass, including NY, Maryland and West Virginia where legislators say they haven't heard anything from Google so far.

Google's strategy at this point is to delay any new laws surrounding Google Glass, arguing that the product still isn't widely available. There's still no word on when the wearable device will move on from the Explorer Edition to mass market, though many expect to see an official release later this year with the price dropped from $1500 to $500 or less.