google alerts twitter

When disaster strikes one of the best ways to get quick updates is to check Twitter, where you'll often find eyewitness reports and photos right from the front lines. Now Google is taking advantage of the social media platform by adding relevant tweets to its Public Alerts.

Google Public Alerts generally show up as notifications based on your location, and most of the time they're focused on heavy rain or flood warnings, or  particularly bad traffic between you and your destination. These alerts already include information from Google Maps, the National Weather Service and more, but now it will include relevant information found on Twitter — where most news seems to break these days — as well.

For the moment, this new Twitter-integration will only show up in English-speaking countries, and only for Public Alerts. Google notes that it's planning on bringing "new kinds of social content" to other products and regions around the world in the future, suggesting that we could see Twitter content start to pop up across Google's entire range of apps and services.