iOS 9.1 Beta-2

Apple rolled out iOS 9.1 this week and one of the biggest improvements was a whole bunch of new Emoji. Since then, Android fans have been clamoring for a similar update, and Google claims it's on the way.

According to Hiroshi Lockheimer, who serves as senior vice president for Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast, an Emoji update is in the works. He doesn't say when it will arrive or how Google plans to release it, though hopefully Android fans won't be waiting too long. Then again, Lockheimer's closing apology suggests the promised update could take a while.

If Google releases the new Emoji as part of a bigger Android update, it might not arrive for a long time, especially on older devices.

Either way it won't be easy. Apple added a whopping 184 new emoji. That includes a some interesting new faces, a middle finger, a robot, a lion, a unicorn, a hot dog, a taco, a burrito, a floating man in a suit, and lots more. Hopefully Android fans can get their hands on these new emoji soon.