Google’s wireless service, Project Fi, is already active and available for early testers. It’s still an invite-only program, however, and interested parties such as ourselves are still waiting for our chance to test it. Thankfully, the company sent out a status on the program this week, that lets us know when we can expect a chance to try Project Fi.

“We’re sending invites as quickly as we can, while ensuring a high-quality experience,” Google said in an email. “Given the number of requests we’ve received, we currently estimate that it will take until mid-summer to get to everyone.”

Google said that it will start to notify folks with an estimate on the status of their invites in the coming weeks, but noted that we’ll need to wait until we hear more about that process.

Project Fi uses wireless networks provided by Sprint and T-Mobile, in addition to Wi-Fi calling support, and should offer an easy-to-manage monthly billing system. Users also aren’t charged for the data they don’t use, which is a nice perk, though at $10 per 1GB, you may still find more affordable prices elsewhere.

We’re excited to check out the program, and you can bet we’ll be back with our impressions as soon as we get a chance to give it a whirl.