Project Ara is still a work in progress, but Google’s ATAP division showed the public its modular phone successfully booting up and working for the the first time ever. The company even took a photo live onstage. Though the demo only lasted a few minutes, that’s all it took to satisfy our desires for an update on the platform.

Previous attempts to get Project Ara working in front of a live audience haven’t gone very well, but this time the entire presentation went off without any obvious issues. The phone booted up running what Google claimed is the “latest version of Android.” We saw a few modules get swapped in and out while the device was still on. The entire thing was pretty exciting, but really it just left us wanting more.

Unfortunately, Google still hasn’t said when its modular smartphone will actually be available to purchase. The company previously announced plans for a pilot test in Puerto Rico sometime this year, though we’re still not sure when that will happen. A full U.S. launch might be even further away. Hopefully we won’t be waiting too long for the official release.