Microsoft Windows 10 for Phone-1

A new report claims Google will bring some of its most popular apps and services to Windows 10. According to W4Phub, the news could be announced at Microsoft's big event on Tuesday.

The initial list of apps from Google will apparently include YouTube, Hangouts, Google Play Music and Google Voice. That's a huge win for the Windows Store, which currently doesn't get any real support from the search giant. It may even be enough to win over some Windows fans who can't live without their favorite Google apps. If they're built with the entire ecosystem in mind, this would also mean Google's apps finally landing on Windows phones, too.

The news definitely comes as a surprise, though Microsoft and Google seem to be on pretty good terms recently. Microsoft has released a steady stream of apps for Android (and iOS). The two company's even agreed to settle a long-running patent dispute last week.

Hopefully, Google really is planning on releasing new apps for Windows 10. If Microsoft's new operating system still can't offer popular services like YouTube it may not stand a chance, even with all other the great features included in the new operating system.