Google Nexus 6-8

In a move some believe is meant to take down online retailers such as Amazon and eBay, The Wall Street Journal reports Google is going to launch buy buttons in mobile search results. The new system will be in addition to both sponsored and paid search results, giving Google a huge role in what you buy moving forward.

According to the report, a shopper will see these buttons pop up when they search for products. Search for a Galaxy S6 case, for example, and users should see buy buttons associated with search results.

If shoppers click on the buy buttons, they will be taken to another Google product page to complete the purchase, the people explained. On that page, they will be able to pick sizes and colors and shipping options, as well as complete the purchase, one of the people said.

Google isn't actually going to become a retailer or provide the products. Rather, it's simply going to facilitate the purchase, a go-between you and the retailer you're buying a product from. The WSJ says Google is currently in talks with Macy's, though no other retailers are mentioned.

For now, the move will only see the buy buttons featured on mobile, with no plans to bring the buttons to desktop searches. Depending on how people respond to the feature, there's a big possibility you'll also see the buy buttons appear on your computer.

With online shopping becoming the preferred method among consumers, it's no surprise to see Google take the initiative to grab a slice of these transactions. Google apparently won't be paid based on what a consumer buys, but how they click through different pages before buying the actual product.

For you and me, not much will change; it'll be easier than ever to buy a pair of jeans. For Google, it'll be the first name you see before buying something online, essentially giving the search giant front-row seats to your spending habits everywhere.