Ice Cream Sandwich on Nexus S

Google announced via its Google+ page earlier this month that the Samsung Nexus S would be blessed by the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich update over the course of the next month. But if you haven't already received it, then you're going to have to wait a little while longer.

The company has postponed the update for the Nexus S so that it can "monitor feedback" from existing users. If you've received a notification to say the update is available, but you cannot access it, it means your update has been "paused," according to Google community manager Paul Wilcox:

"If you received an update notification a little while ago but the update isn't currently available for your phone, this is likely the result of Google pausing the update in your area while we monitor feedback.

"The Android 4.0 update is continuing to roll out around the world so your phone will receive another update notification when it's available again in your region."

SlashGear reports that the delay follows complaints from early Ice Cream Sandwich updaters who are suffering "atypically high battery drain" on their Nexus S. This is likely to be due to the increased demand on the device's processor, but it is expected that Google will make tweaks to improve battery life before issuing the update again. The company has apparently stated that the software "wouldn't return until Google was satisfied there wasn't an issue."

Google is yet to officially confirm why the Ice Cream Sandwich update has been delayed, but we're hoping the issue is fixes and that Android 4.0 is running on the Nexus S before Christmas.

Did you get the update on your Nexus S, and if so, what's your battery life like?

[via SlashGear]