New Google+

Google just announced during Google I/O 2013 that it’s introducing 41 new features to Google+. The stream experience will be completely redesigned on phones, tablets and the desktop.

Google said it thinks the old design was flat and the new one is about finding depth. The experience is dynamic so it can move from three columns down to one depending on what you want it to look like. Posts and photos can span multiple columns, too. There are also new animations in the share box, menus and cards.

A new feature is “related hashtags” that analyzes the content of a post and automatically applies a hashtag. If you click a hashtag Google will show you related items from various sources or from others in your circles. It can even use image analysis of important landmarks to tag photos automatically for you. The stream is about “design and depth.”

The new features will roll out today but Google said it didn’t have time to go over all of them.