google plus redesign

Google has been rolling out an updated design for its popular social network in the week since its yearly I/O conference. First, the desktop and Android versions received Google+ upgrades, and now the service’s mobile site is getting a redesign of its own to even the playing field.

The new Google+ mobile site is a vast improvement both in looks and usability, but it still can’t hold a candle to the social network’s sleek, intuitive apps for Android and iOS. It makes sense that Google would want to keep its social network looking relatively similar across all platforms, but it’s unclear who exactly will be using the Google+ mobile site aside from the rare smartphone user who follows a link to the redesigned page (when you visit the mobile site it immediately suggests you download the app). After all, it’s missing major features such as Hangouts and photo editing.

The most noticeable change to the Google+ mobile site is the addition of cards that are used to contain and present all content, including photos, videos, posts and links. These cards are starting to be the unifying force behind Google’s new look. We’ve seen them appearing in the newly-redesigned Google Maps, in Google Now and as the main navigation tool for Google Glass.