google plus ios update

Google released a new update for Google+ on iOS today, and it mostly focuses on improving the app's photo editing tools. One new feature, Auto Enhance, touches up photos automatically at the tap of a button. Another, Auto Highlight, will choose the best picture out of a series of shots for you. Auto Awesome combines multiple photos (at least five) into one animated GIF. There's also Auto Backup, which automatically uploads new photos to Google's social network. Most of these were introduced in the latest desktop Google+ redesign.

The Google+ update also removes Hangouts from the app, relegating the text and video chat service to an app of its own. However, the Google+ app will still feature a button that launches Hangouts.

The latest update also lets you turn a series of pictures into a panorama and features hashtag integration. Other additional features include the ability to upload a cover photo, Google Offers, strikethrough text support, the ability to edit comments from your smartphone and copy a post's permalink.

The update is free and is available from the iTunes App Store now.