Google+, or Pinterest? You probably never thought you’d find yourself choosing between the two, but here we are. A new feature, known as Collections, is being added to Google+, and it allows users to create boards of images, videos and other media curated by specific interests. Create a board dedicated to your favorite cat photos. And so on.

Google is using this as a way to make the community more active. After you begin a collection, people on Google+ can follow all of your public collections, spurring discovery and activity across the social network. The search giant explained that its happiest users “are those who connect with others around shared interests and passions,” and Collections is a perfect way to do that.

If you feel self-conscious about your collection of Beanie Baby photos, you can make it private, or even share it with a select number of people in your network. The idea here is to make Google+ a destination for viral and heavily curated user content. If it worked for Pinterest, what’s to say the same exact model won’t work for Google+?

Google says posts in collections will show up in your feed like a normal post would, so users shouldn’t notice anything too out of the ordinary. Once you do click on a collection, you should see other Collections from whoever put the gallery of content together. It’s time to put your particular curation skills to the test.

As of now, Collections is available on the Web and for Android, with an iOS update coming later. Hit the source to check it out now.