Google+ may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but the social media platform is still alive and encouraging users to communicate with each other. It certainly hasn't been forgotten by Google. Both the web and mobile components remain in operation, and this week the company is ready to roll out a rebuilt Google+ app for Android.

There's a little catch to the new version, though. Google hasn't actually redesigned the app on the outside. Within Google+ for Android, the company went in and overhauled the code. So it closely resembles the app's existing look with some minor changes.

Users might notice select changes as well. Stream rendering and scrolling have been improved, and the photo lightbox is entirely new. Comments, too, have been tweaked in different areas.

Making the announcement was Google's Leo Deegan, who said the upgraded app will allow his team to implement "new features on a modern stack deck." He also said there are a few bugs Google is aware of and actively working to fix.

The app should be updated for all users in the coming days. As usual, Google isn't sending the new Google+ to everyone at once.