Google Play dev comments

When you submit feedback for an app you've downloaded on your smartphone or tablet — whether its via Google Play, the App Store, or the Windows Phone Marketplace — there's no way of knowing whether the developer of that application is listening. This is a frustration when you have complaints or feature requests that you want to ensure developers will hear about.

For those of you with an Android device, however, that's about to change. Google Play is set to adopt a new system that will allow Android developers to reply to the feedback that you leave on their applications. For customers, this is huge.

It means you'll finally be able to see responses to your compliments, complaints, and feature requests. And when you're deciding whether or not you should buy an app and you stumble across bad reviews (there are always bad reviews, even for the best apps) you'll be able to see the developer's response to those issues.

But arguably more important than both of those things: It means you'll be able to receive support for apps you've purchased easier than ever before. You won't need to search for contact details or fill out forms; simply detail your issues in Google Play and wait for developers to respond.

Of course, this is just as big for developers. It means developers can finally respond to those bad reviews from disgruntled customers and provide support. Until now, those bad reviews have just sat there, only dissuading other customers from purchasing a certain app.

Right now, the new feature is being tested with certain developers who have earned the "Top Developer" badge. However, it is expected to rollout to everyone in the not too distant future.

What do you think of Google Play's new feature?

[via Phandroid]