Google rolled out an update for the web version of its Play Store today with a revamped design that reflects the UI of the Android version. The update features the card-based design the company has been rolling out across its services, and also appears to include direct Google Glass support.

In a post on Google+, Zynga employee Nicolas Gramlich noted that the updated Google Play lists Google Glass among potential devices where new apps can be installed. For now, the option is unavailable, meaning you’ll have to use the My Glass app to install applications on Glass, but we expect Google to integrate support for its wearable technology directly in the near future.

In the meantime, the updated Google Play brings a new design that uses the entire browser window to display as much information as possible without using tabs. On the left side you get a few basic navigation options as well as a list of already-installed apps. Screenshots and icons have also been enlarged for a better user experience. On first glance we actually prefer the old version, but we imagine it will just take some time getting used to.