Google Play gift card redeem

Google looks like it's finally gearing up to introduce gift cards and wish lists to the Google Play Store. Evidence of these features has been uncovered in the latest Google Play apk update, and developers have managed to extract some screenshots of them in action.

Mathias Tillman hacked the official apk file, and then Shen Ye used it to grab the images you see above. As you can see, there are now "My Wishlist" and "Redeem" links in the options menu — the latter of which takes you to a page where you can enter a gift card code.

In addition to this, users have discovered a new link to, where you will presumably be able to redeem your gift cards via a web browser. At the moment the link is unavailable, but that situation looks set to change in due course.

Google is a little late to the gift card scene. Apple introduced this feature back in 2010, allowing users to purchase gift cards for iTunes and the App Store; and Research in Motion provides BlackBerry users with the option to purchase apps as gifts for friends and loved ones, which are sent via its BlackBerry Messenger service.

Google is yet to confirm these features, but it certainly seems like they're close to making their debut. Hopefully they'll arrive before the holidays, because this will make purchasing gifts for your Android friends a whole lot easier.

[via The Next Web]