The first Android Wear devices were unveiled a little over a week ago, and soon pre-orders for the G Watch and Gear Live should start shipping out to early adopters. To mark the occasion, or perhaps just to build more excitement around its wearables platform, Google launched a new section of the Google Play app store today focused entirely on Android Wear applications.

For the moment there are only 24 apps available for Android Wear, though they manage to cover a wide range of genres and functions. Beyond Google’s standby Maps and Hangouts, you can also download apps from Delta, American Airlines, The Guardian and Reuters. There are even apps for following the World Cup, managing your money, ordering food and even learning new languages with Duolingo.

Even so, Android Wear is still somewhat limited, and it seems the best thing it can do for the moment is ping you with Google notifications and serve up Google Now info cards. Hopefully we’ll see even more wearable applications show up in Google Play in the near future. It shouldn’t be too hard for developers to work with Google’s open API, though whether they can find a unique way to take advantage of the new form factor is another question.