Google Play Music is already one of our favorite music streaming options, but today the service became even better. The company just announced that it has increased the number of songs you can store on its servers up from 20,000 to a whopping 50,000.

In case you're new to the service, here's how it works. Beyond the regular sort of music streaming offered by competitors like Spotify and Rdio, Google Play Music offers a special feature called the locker. Using the the company's Music Manager program allows you to upload your own personal music library into the cloud for free. There's even an option to scan your iTunes directly.

And that's just what you get for free. If you're willing to pay Google $9.99 for All Access service you'll get unlimited music streaming along with access to the company's newer YouTube Music Key. The service, which is still in beta, lets you listen to music on YouTube without any ads. It works in the background so you can switch between apps, and even lets you save videos for offline viewing.

If you're interested in taking the plunge you can try Google's paid music streaming service with a 30 day trial. Just remember, you can already save up to 50,000 songs of your own in the company's cloud without ever paying a cent.